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Hair & Beauty Giving Advice Carrie Bray
Hair and beauty: vocabulary and parts of speech Carrie Bray
Hairdressing resources for E3-L1 Nicola Smith
Hairstyles - do you stereotype? Debbie Hulse
Halloween - Entry Level Functional English assessments Maggie Harnew
Halloween complex sentences Maggie Harnew
Halloween compound sentences Maggie Harnew
Halloween E2 Reading tasks Kate Lindley
Halloween Maths for Entry 1 Number Maggie Harnew
Halloween probability Judith White
Halloween ratios Judith White
Halloween reading comprehension Abigail Iliffe
Halloween: like it or loathe it? E3-L2 writing Isabel Jordan
Handling cash in a garage Carrie Bray
Handling cash in a restaurant Anne Waddington
Handling cash in a salon Carrie Bray
Handwriting practice Ginette Kriche
Hani and Layla go shopping Jibrail Hogan
Hanley College L1-2 add-on tasks for 'Hobbies & free time' Isabel Jordan
Happy Holidays Maggie Harnew
Happy New Year - introduction to algebra Kath Blanchard
Happy percentages Ceri Geary
Harry Potter in numbers George Wormald
Hat instructions Linda M Hoole
Haunted Portsmouth Jayn Coe
Health & Safety for Small Construction Sites embedded English workbook Jane Johnson
Health and Safety reading activities Laurence Fletcher
Health and safety signs for construction Gill Gallagher
Health related role play and conversation Adele Harris
Healthy eating embedded Functional English Sarah Horsley
Healthy eating lesson plan & resources Andrew Speers
Hear Into the Distance Isabel Jordan
Heatwave! Functional English tasks for all levels Maggie Harnew
Hedgehogs decline Roxy Ball
Help for Heroes - Functional English tasks Hazel Hughes
Help John Golt: travel expenses claim Laura Addamiano
Help sheet for teaching L1-2 Functional Maths Maggie Harnew
Henry VIII Gill Gallagher
Heroes and Celebrations chocolate tasting game Jane Harbord
Hey diddle diddle John Thompson A
High frequency words Margaret Adams
Highway Code for Motor Cyclists Jane Johnson
Hilton Leeds Garforth Moira Garland
Hired or Fired Jodie Travis
History of Halloween differentiated reading comprehension Joanne Collins
Hobbies and Freetime Activities - Reading Practice Susanne Jones
Holiday brochure appetiser Heidi Griffin
Holiday brochure reading strategies Leanne Lloyd
Holiday dates Michael Garen
Holocaust Memorial Day - Functional English tasks Kate Buckell
Home and Away flat budgeting Andrew Case
Home for turtles Hazel Hughes
Home made pizza price comparison Sara Clayton
Homemade L1 Functional Maths revision questions Hannah James
Homes and Garden Amanda Burgess
Homework Horror! Joanne Collins
Homographs Gill Gallagher
Homographs handout Penny Halliday
Homophone card game II Angela Kennedy-Lockwood
Homophone card games I Laura Jeffrey Kiiza
Homophone cloze exercises Marion Crocker
Homophone cloze exercises for E2 Functional English Maggie Harnew
Homophone cloze exercises for E3 Functional English & beyond - Set 1 Maggie Harnew
Homophone cloze exercises for E3 Functional English & beyond - Set 2 Maggie Harnew
Homophone crossword for E2-E3 Functional English Maggie Harnew
Homophone definition matching cards Nicola Toms
Homophone definitions Eclipse crossword Andrea McCulloch
Homophone Horror David Hills
Homophone matching Eclipse crosswords Janet Wilkins
Homophone pairs quizzes with Wordle Dave Norgate
Homophones - 30 pairs Sean Dady
Homophones and confusables worksheet Kate Lindley
Homophones and confusables: 18 onscreen worksheets Gaye Noel
Homophones and homographs Maggie Harnew
Homophones check Jennifer Baines
Homophones follow-me game (Tarsia) Amanda Kelly
Homophones wordsearch Charmaine Bedward
Horticulture SoW with embedded Functional Skills Anonymous
Hot or Cold? Cathy Barton
House Price Investigation Fiona Campbell
House prices - calculate & interpret averages Paul Burnett
Housework Laurence Fletcher
How many Mo Farahs are there? 1-10 Fiona Campbell
How many Smileys 1 - 20? Chris Farrell
How many smileys? Chris Farrell
How much liquid? Jennifer Williamson
How much per week? Carrie Bray
How much? Marion Martin
How old is Wayne Rooney? Janet Kinsey
How to add and take away Jane Kay
How to add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals Sheila Greenman
How to buy a TV Licence - reading and writing tasks Maggie Harnew
How to check your work in Microsoft Word (E2) Fiona Campbell B
How to find the mean, mode and median Sheila Greenman
How to have a party after a burglary! (catalogue activity) John Thompson A
How to keep a bike safe v1 Maggie Harnew
How to keep a bike safe v2 Maggie Harnew
How to make a calendar in Publisher Cathy Barton
How to make a Christmas star Sarah Horsley
How to make a PPT about your country Kathy Emmott
How to mind map Joy Collins
How to not pass your driving test Jane Johnson
How to Plant Potatoes E3 English mock assessment Sharon Kitching
How to play Battleships Dave Clapham
How to times and divide Jane Kay
How to use Hot Potatoes to make a crossword Karen Bruin
How to write a formal letter or email - templates Leigh Johnson
How to write a narrative for Functional Skills English Marina Richards
How to write an article Anne-Marie O'Reilly
How We Remember - Armistice Centenary tasks Maggie Harnew
HS2 Compass points, position and bearings Maggie Harnew
HS2 Journey times Sue Knox
Hysterical, deluded and thoroughly English Dave Norgate
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