Homophone cloze exercises for E2 Functional English

Written specifically for the new reformed English content which expects secure homophone skills at much lower levels than previously. Covers all the homophone spellings required at E2 using differentiated sets of cloze exercises. 7 sets each with 15 questions / sentences plus detailed teaching notes and an appendix listing all E1 & E2 spellings.

  • won / one (1 page)
  • hear / here (1 page)
  • to / two /too (2 pages: one with 1 gap per sentence, one with 2 or 3 gaps)
  • there /their / they're (3 pages: one covers only there &  their, two cover there, their and they're with 1 gap and 2-3 gaps)

A NEW Skillsworkshop English Classic - adapted from an original resource by Amanda Burgess (55 Homophone worksheets, May 2010)

Answer sheets (allowing learners to self-check) will be available to site contributors only - see answer sheets page for more details.

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10 page PDF with curriculum mapping and teaching notes