Coronation Functional English E1-E2

A huge set of resources for E1-E2 reading, writing and SLC.

Can be used as revision, the core of two or more lessons (the writing tasks would make a good lesson on their own - there are four tasks, two for each level) or for assessment. Optional marks and detailed mapping is provided and many, but not all, questions are exam-style. 

The reading text is a simplified BBC report of the upcoming coronation with a focus on the two golden coaches being  be used. This topic reappears in one of the SLC tasks where I have made a route map that can de used for giving and following instructions (directions) etc. (Various printable versions of this map are included on pages 14-16 of the PDF). 

Covers all E1 and E2 FS Content descriptors. Contents page shown below. A separate vocabulary/spelling list and extra teacher notes will be available shortly.

Contents page and student record sheet

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18 page PDF.
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