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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens adapted for Entry level readers Jacqueline Stamp
A Christmas thank you letter - Functional English Emma Shaw
A City Girl Takes a Walk - reading comprehension Colleen Kelly
A city of towers Maggie Harnew
A Day in The Life of Jane E2-E3 ESOL text types Colleen Kelly
A Food Journey Jean Morten
A gift for Charlie's Mum Vicky Maltby
A Halloween narrative - writing task Angela Gonzalez
A history of Christmas trees Joanne Collins
A job you have done in the past (Discussion) Phoebe McLeod
A Kind of Spark GCSE English Paper 1-style exam practice Matthew Ruddle
A Passage to India - lesson activities for L2 ESOL Kris Ochedowski
A present for Charlie's Mum Leo McPartland
A Really Simple Guide to the General Election 2019 reading exercise Sue Cawdron
A Seaside Holiday Jean Morten
A shopping trip to France Jane Flanders
A sorry story - looking at persuasive / emotive language Rebecca Galbraith
A Special Occasion Eleanor Kliffen
A Surprise for Jim and Nan - Readwell Road Step 4 story C Linda M Hoole
A terrible mistake Marion Martin
A Thesaurus is NOT a Dinosaur Nikki Gilbey
A to Z Jobs Gemma Holtam
A trip to the cinema Maggie Harnew
A Trip to the Library Entry 1 assignment Pam James
A Trip to the Library Entry 2 assignment Pam James
A Trip to the Library Entry 3 assignment Pam James
A troublesome trip: three letters of complaint Hazel Hughes
A visit to the garden centre Pete Allsop
A Yorkshire Yarn Documentary Series and Worksheets Gemma Holtam
A-Z wallet sized cards Dawn Jones
ABC Supermarket Working with Money Tony Jenkins
Ableist Language texts & questions for L2 reading practice Stephanie Gilford
About Paul Ginette Kriche
Achieve your New Year's resolutions Rachel Emmett
Activities for possessive & omissive apostrophes Laura Jeffrey Kiiza
Add and subtract Linzi Henry
Add and subtract fractions - quick and dirty method! Keith Burnett
Add-on E3-L1 reading questions for Valentine's Day Functional English tasks Maggie Harnew
Add-on E3-L2 questions for Shrove Tuesday L1 reading assessment Maggie Harnew
Adding -ing Janette Twoomey
Adding -ing to verbs Vicky Goutis
Adding punctuation Julie Hobson
Adding suffixes er or ar to make nouns Maggie Harnew
Addition & Subtraction for E2-E3 Reformed Functional Maths Nicola Smith
Addition & subtraction for E3-L1 Reformed Functional Maths Nicola Smith
Addition & subtraction problems (2 digit nos.) Dave Norgate
Addition & subtraction problems (3 digit nos.) Dave Norgate
Addition and subtraction revision Jean Thomas
Addition number grids Emma Shaw
Addition strategies John Thompson B
Additional L1-2 Armistice Centenary tasks Luke Pearce
Adjective picture cloze exercises for Entry Functional English Emma Scotland
Adjective picture cloze PPT starter for Entry Functional English Moira Garland
Adjectives Joanne Collins
Adjectives in order (review and practice) Phoebe McLeod
Adult Ed Funding Cuts - English tasks Rachel Emmett
Adult ESOL core curriculum (DfES, 2001) Maggie Harnew
Adult Literacy core curriculum (DfES, 2001) Maggie Harnew
Adult Numeracy core curriculum (DfES, 2001) Maggie Harnew
Adverb game - How? Christine Lucas
Africa Cup of Nations 2017 Rebecca Gordon
AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Social Media Nikki Milton
Aim Higher Sarah Richards
Alcohol Abuse L2 Functional English study pack Tina Smith
Alcohol units and decimals Carrie Bray
Alphabet Arc in upper and lower case, with practice exercises. Jacqui Wallis
Alphabet chart for ESOL adults Kate Lindley
Alphabet game quiz sheets Ginette Kriche
Alphabet Story Writing Nikki Milton
Alphabetical fruit and vegetables using Wordle Dave Norgate
Alphabetical order Jacquie Slater
Alphabetical order - colour coded Keith Priddle
Alphabetical Order - exam style questions for E2-E3 FS English Jacqui Wallis
Alphabetical order - multisensory resources Moira Garland
Alphabetical order for hairdressing or beauty therapy Karen Nelson
Alphabetical ordering cards for motor vehicle students Mark Sergison
Alternative Vote & First Past the Post simulation Maggie Harnew
American taste for soft toilet roll Sanchia Hylton-Smith
Amir Khan Biography comprehension Saul Pope
Amir Khan reading comprehension David Pike
Analogue clocks Amanda Burgess
Analysis of the reading level of an Entry Level text Maggie Harnew
Angles for L1-2 Functional Maths Andrew Butler
Animal descriptions Maggie Harnew
Animal writing prompts Gill Gallagher
Anime - for L1-2 English Stephanie Gilford
Apollo Missions Functional Maths Philip Mansfield
Apostrophe cards and pegs Ruth Braker
Apostrophe dominoes Maureen Prowse
Apostrophe flow chart Richard Scott
Apostrophe Protection Society Emma McKenna
Apostrophe quiz Carrie Bray
Apostrophes - 3 PPTs Alison Round
Apostrophes and commas Julie Hobson
Apostrophes mind map Nikki Brown
Apostrophes quick check Vicky Douglas
Applying Pesticides - Literacy Workbook Megan Jack
Apprentice hairdressers Grace Labode
Aquariums GCSE English Language AQA Paper 2-style exam practice Matthew Ruddle
Are graffiti artists criminals? Sean Delaney
Are Kids Losing their Love of Music? Article and reading skills (L1 and L2) Stephanie Gilford
Area and Perimeter Level 1 Laura Robinson
Area of circles and triangles Ian Saunders
Area perimeter and volume for Functional Maths Louise Dumbell
Area, perimeter and volume poster Malcolm Hill
Area, perimeter, volume re-cap task Nikki Gilbey
Arithmetic revision for Entry Level 3 Matthew Tiller
Armistice day - Tower of London Poppies Geraldine Cruse
Arnold the cat punctuation John Dodd
Aron Ralston smartboard resources Sian Waterman
Artistic flair tackling crime Craig Sullivan
Ask Anne - sharing a problem Anne Candan
Asking for time off work / At the hospital - ESOL role play prompts Jenny Cole
Asking where something is in a supermarket Sian Evans
At Home Amanda Burgess
At Home - onscreen activities Cathy Barton
At the Cafe E1-2 Functional Maths & English (SL&C) Marion Martin
At the chemist's role-play dialogue Eve Hamilton
At the Supermarket Yvonne Cook
At what age can you...? Legal ages, modals, if, unless Eleanor Kliffen
Attendance and Punctuality in College Susanne Jones
Audience, Purpose, Format and Features (PAFF) Helen Costa
Aussie slang quizzes Craig Sullivan
Australia: a country rapidly changing Kate Buckell
Autumn apple cake Judith White
Autumn apple cake v2 Functional Maths tasks Dagmara Niecko
Autumn Festivals from different cultures and faiths Andrea McCulloch
Averages and range jigsaw Michael McBride
Averages and range memory game Fran Offord
Averages and range: wallet sized cards Carrie Bray
Averages poster Lynsey Carragher
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