Addition & subtraction for E3-L1 Reformed Functional Maths

I've just designed this ready for my new starts in September.  It is surprising how many learners come that get basic things wrong. 

As we know FS is all about reading the questions and showing workings out.  I always do 5 weeks of no calculators as for some they just do not get the borrowing / carrying over and this is of course important on the non calculator papers now.

There is also an E2-E3 version of this resource.

Editor's note

Wonderful underpinning and problem solving practice. Cleverly graduated from E3 through to L1 and thus ideal for mixed level classes, and also (as Nicky says!) very useful for initial assessment or skills checking at the start of the year. Covers addition and subtraction of three- and four-digit numbers (and money / decimals).  Each set of "sums" is followed by word problems. Subtraction is split into those with and without borrowing.

Resource File(s)
Physical format
5 page PDF with curriculum mapping. No answer sheet.