New Year 2022 English and Maths tasks

NEW 8/2/22  answer sheet now also  available - visit our ANSWER SHEETS page for more information.
New 27/1/2022  A related interactive Wordwall activity (organisational and textual features) is now available to accompany this resource. 

A hastily put-together New Year resource based on a short Guardian article about the record breaking temperatures experienced in the UK on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

3 pages of English questions split into topics (reading skills, punctuation and abbreviations, words and language).  Questions vary in level from E3 to L2. Some are challenging. One page of maths questions (mostly L1) with a focus on comparing and calculating with decimals to one decimal place (i.e. temperatures). 

Each question is mapped to the FS content descriptors. An answer sheet may be available later (for contributors only) - please ask if you need one.


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