Leap year Functional Maths challenge

A hastily written resource (I didn’t want to have to wait another 4 years!) on Feb 29th 2020 (but can be used throughout the leap year). Covers Functional Skills (Measures) content descriptors relating to using dates and units of time. Number topics such as estimation and checking, multiplication, division, odd and even numbers, and sequences are also included. There is an emphasis is on using non-calculator written methods to convert between units of time.

Some questions are general knowledge and do not map directly to Functional Maths. Levels are roughly: page 1 (E1-E3), page 2 (E3-L1), page 3 (L1-L2). As this is a graduated challenge, I suggest that all learners (including those at Level 1 or 2) start at page 1. It would also work well if tackled by pairs of disparate learners.

7 pages with answers, teaching notes and detailed reformed FS mapping

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7 page PDF with answers
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