L1-2 Functional Skills revision of number skills

I made this revision resource to support learners in a shorter number lesson. Includes step by step guides to rounding and other skills along with links to useful videos. Covers the following learning objectives: 

  • Read, write and compare numbers of any size (L1.1, L2.1)
  • Recognise and use positive and negative numbers (L1.2)
  • Round numbers to one, two and three decimal points and whole numbers of any size (L1.12)
  • Use approximation/estimation by rounding to calculate and check results (numbers, money, decimals and fractions) (L1.15, L2.2)
  • Use multiplication and division facts (L1.4)

Editor's notes

Great for revising and practising underpinning skills. Written for remote delivery but equally suited to classroom delivery. Easily adapted to suit your own learners. Excellent coverage of rounding and estimation - along with written methods, place value, etc. 

Resource File(s)
Physical format
41 Widescreen PPT slides