D Day Landings WW2 L1 Functional Maths

Large set of questions inspired by the recent (2019) 75th anniversary of the D Day Landings.  Covers many aspects of the Reformed FS 2018 content such as bearings, nets, underpinning questions and non-calculator tasks.

Editor's notes

Fully mapped to the new reformed Functional Maths content. 8 non-calculator questions (24 marks) and 12 calculator questions (42 marks). Includes rounding, estimating answers. bar charts, pie charts, 3 figure bearings, scale drawing, time scheduling, percentages, averages, probability and much more. Ideal for Public Service students or anyone with an interest in history and/or the military. Suitable for informal assessment, homework or revision. A few questions are Level 2. The answer sheet, which includes detailed working out and marking guidance, is only available to site contributors. Please see details within the resource.

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