World War 2

Large set of questions inspired by the recent (2019) 75th anniversary of the D Day Landings.  Covers many aspects of the Reformed FS 2018 content such as bearings, nets, underpinning questions and non-calculator tasks.

Editor's notes

Level 1
Level 2
FM Context free underpinning
FM Straightforward problem(s) with more than 1 step
FM L1.1 Read, write, order & compare large numbers (up to one million)
FM L1.15 Estimate answers to calculations using fractions and decimals
FM L2.2 Carry out calculations with numbers up to 1 million inc. strategies to check answers e.g. estimation & approximation
FM L1.14 Calculate percentages of quantities, inc. simple percentage increase / decrease by 5% & multiples of
FM L2.8 Express one number as a fraction of another
FM L1.19 Calculate discounts in multiples of 5% on amounts of money
FM L1.20 Convert between units of length, weight, capacity, money and time, in the same system
FM L1.22 Calculate area & perimeter of simple shapes inc. those made up of combination of rectangles
FM L1.23 Calculate the volumes of cubes & cuboids
FM L1.24 Draw 2-D shapes & demonstrate an understanding of line symmetry & knowledge of the relative size of angles
FM L1.26 Use angles when describing position & direction, & measure angles in degrees
FM L1.25 Interpret plans, elevations & nets of simple 3-D shapes
FM L1.27 Represent discrete data in tables, diagrams & charts inc. pie charts, bar charts, line graphs
History, culture, museums, libraries
Employment skills & Public services