2D and 3D shapes including nets

These two PowerPoints cover the properties of  2D and 3D shapes (E2-E3) - faces, edges, vertices and line symmetry. This is assessed using a quiz in PPT1. Both PPTs then move on to recognising nets and drawing nets of cubes and cuboids (now found in Level 1 exams). The second PPT can be printed off and used as a workbook.  I have also included two links to You tube but you can use your own favourite shape/nets video links if you prefer.

Editor's note

The first PPT is adapted and extended from Fiona Plackett's Properties of Shapes (Skillsworkshop, 2011).  It's wonderful to have plenty of practice drawing nets to scale on a grid in the second PPT as we have very few resources on nets.

Physical format
PPT 1 - 32 slides
PPT 2 - 16 slides or print as a learner workbook