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Please can you tell me what the references such as N1/L1.7 refer to.

The references refer specific elements in the adult literacy, numeracy, pre-Entry or ESOL curricula for England. Although published in 2001 they are still used to underpin the Functional Maths and Functional English Criteria (2011).  For example:
N1 means whole numbers
L1 means Level 1

If you click on any N1/L1.7 hyperlink you will find a list of ALL resources that cover that element. You will also notice that, at the top of the list, it says:
N1/L1.7 Work out simple ratio and direct proportion. (a) understand simple ratio as the number of parts i.e. three parts to one part (b) understand direct proportion as the same rate of increase or decrease, e.g. double, half c) understand the relationship between simple ratio and fractions.

Full details of all the adult curricula can be found on the Excellence Gateway

Are there similar reference criteria for Functional Skills?

The original 2011 Functional Skills (FS) criteria, now known as Legacy FS, are not as narrowly defined as the adult literacy and numeracy curricula. They cover the same levels (i.e. E1 E2 E3 L1 L2) but the coverage and range (C&R) statements are very broad and are not labelled/numbered – except for those in the Functional Skills ICT criteria.

For this reason we do not categorise Legacy FS resources by individual C&R statements but by broad categories such as: Functional Maths – measures, Functional Maths – data handling, Functional English – writing, Functional ICT – Finding and selecting Information, etc.

However, in 2018 the reformed Functional Skills content was published. This detailed content consists of numbered descriptors and will take effect from Sept 1st 2019. Since summer 2018 all new skillsworkshop resources will be mapped to these new content descriptors. Eventually, all skillsworkshop maths and English resources will be remapped but with 2000+ resources this will be a gradual process! 

What do these abbreviations mean? AN FM AL FE

Maths and English resources are mapped to Functional Skills, GCSE and the Adult Literacy / Numeracy Core Curricula.

AN - an Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum element.
AL - an Adult Literacy Core Curriculum element.

FM - a Functional Maths content descriptor (2018) or a legacy Functional Maths coverage and range statement (2011)
FE - a Functional English content descriptor (2018) or a legacy Functional English coverage and statement (2011)

How can I find a suitable resource?

There are many different ways to find resources:

  1. Type some suitable key words into the Search box on any page, and click the Search button. Downloadable resources are shown with a blue background, whereas useful external links have a yellow background. Then narrow your search, if needed, using the filters on the left of the screen. (Filters are at the bottom of the screen in mobile or tablet view).
  2. Click on a subject tab at the top of the page, for example the green English tab. Then refine your search using the Search English Resources box and/or the filters on the left of the screen.
  3. Follow the See also links from a resource to find other related resources.
  4. Use the alphabetical Index if you know the name of the resource you’re looking for.

How do I download resource files?

Each resource has its own page.

From any list of resources, click on the resource title or thumbnail image to go to the individual resource page. Here you will find full details for your selected resource, including a description, links to related resources and the downloadable files.

On the individual resource page, the downloadable files are listed next to the Resource File(s): heading, directly beneath the description.

Most browsers will download the file if you just (left) click on the link. Alternatively you can right click on the link and select the most suitable option.

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Do I need to register with this site?

No, not unless you want to share your own resources or useful links for others to download and use.

You can freely download resources from this site without needing to register.