It's a Leap... Entry Level Functional Skills reading and writing tasks

A bumper set of E1, E2 and E3 reading and writing resources. Can be used throughout leap year but probably best before or on February 29th! Based on a light hearted article from Metro newspaper there are two sets of reading tasks (one for E1-E2 and one for E2-E3), three writing composition tasks (E1, E2 and E3) and three sets of underpinning writing questions covering spelling, punctuation and alphabetical order at each Entry Level. Pretty much all Entry Level Content descriptors are covered. 

In addition there is a separate page of teaching notes which includes a vocabulary list. 

Editor's notes

I hope to create a Level 1-2 version of this resource but whether I succeed before February 29 is yet to be seen! In the meantime, all three writing composition tasks could be easily be adapted for higher / lower levels. For example, the Entry 3 composition task involves writing a contribution to an online forum and would make useful practice for Level 1 / 2 learners. Please read the teaching notes! Maggie Harnew Feb 12 2024


Physical format
10 page PDF
1 page PDF (teaching notes)
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