How We Remember - Armistice Centenary tasks

A set of Functional English tasks that underpin the revised Functional Skills English content, 2018 [1].  Resources will be released gradually (as they are written!) from Oct 21st until Nov 11th 2018. All tasks are based on one or more texts from a graduated set of seven, all focusing on the 2018 Armistice Centenary commemorations. Five sets of tasks, based on Texts A, B, C, D and E are now available.

The seven texts are also available now, in a single PDF file and include [brief description of key underpinning topics in square brackets, all tasks will include general reading comprehension & spelling strategies]:

  • Text A  (E1-E3) - a ticket to Poppy Field a sound and light display [expected spellings at each Entry level, regular and irregular plurals - adding -s and -es, format & structure]
  • Text B (E2-E3) - a (fictional) web site based loosely on the  British Legion site [expected spellings at E2 & E3, regular plurals of nouns ending in consonant-y and vowel-y, co-ordinating conjunctions/compound sentences, organisational features]
  • Text C (E1-E2) - a short section from a poster about the 2 minute silence  on Armistice Day [expected spellings at E1 & E2, adding -ed for past tense, co-ordinating conjunctions/compound sentences]. Additional L1 tasks are now available from Luke Pearce - follow link right, under See also). 
  • Text D (E3-L1) - an information handout about commemoration events happening in my home town of Abingdon on Thames [expected spellings at E3 & L1, using organisational features to locate information, spelling 'shun' suffixes -tion, -sion, -cian and converting between nuns and verbs].  
  • Text E (L1-L2) - A Nation's Thank You - the People's Procession - instructions for people lucky enough to have won tickets in the public ballot.  [expected spellings at E3 -L2, reading questions cover: purpose and audience, style and writer's voice, inference, using knowledge of punctuation to aid  understanding, and vocabulary/language. Additional L1-2 tasks are also available from Luke Pearce - follow link right, under See also). 
  • Text F (L1-L2) - Poppies Weeping Window display at the Imperial War Museum London
  • Text G (L2) - an article from the Guardian: Nurse Mary Borden - forgotten female poet of the first world war. Additional L2 tasks are now available from Luke Pearce - follow link right, under See also).   

Each set of tasks includes brief teaching notes to assist non-specialist Functional Skills English tutors with teaching underpinning skills such as spelling, phonics, purpose of text, language features, presentation devices, etc.  

Further guidance, answers, marking key and FS mapping will be available at a later date for resource contributors only.

1. Subject content functional skills: English. DfE (Feb 2018)


29/10/18 - tasks for Text A and Text C  both PDFs updated.  Minor errors/typos and one major error on p6 Tasks for Text C corrected.
10/11/19 - spelling error corrected in Text D (roll changed to role).

Physical format
5 page PDF with 7 texts, Text A tasks - 8 page PDF, Text b - 7 page PDF, Text C tasks - 7 page PDF, text D - 8 page PDF, text E - 5 page PDF