Homophone cloze exercises for E3 Functional English & beyond - Set 1

Written specifically for the new reformed English content which expects secure homophone skills at much lower levels than previously. Covers 6 of the 22 homophone spellings required at E3 using differentiated sets of cloze exercises. 7 sets each with 15 questions / sentences plus detailed teaching notes and an appendix listing all E1, E2 & E3 spellings.

  • who's / whose  (2 pages)
  • weather / whether (1 page)
  • not / knot (1)
  • fare / fair (1)
  • steal / steal (1)
  • berry / bury (1 page)

Skillsworkshop stretch (and challenge)  iconAll pages include "stretch" questions providing a challenge for higher level learners. For example: steel used as a verb, multiple meanings of fare and fair, idioms and expressions such as 'weather a storm', 'bury the hatchet'.

A NEW Skillsworkshop English Classic - adapted from an original resource by Amanda Burgess (55 Homophone worksheets, May 2010)

Answer sheets (allowing learners to self-check) is available to site contributors only - see answer sheets page for more details.

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