E3 Firework safety reading & spelling tasks

I wrote this resource to familiarise myself with the new Reformed Entry Level 3 reading and spelling content. As a revision or assessment tool it would be particularly useful around October half term time (i.e. just before Bonfire Night). It can also be used as a springboard for general discussion about fireworks and Bonfire Night.

Covers all aspects of the new reformed Functional English reading content (main points, purpose, organisational features, word meanings) along with a 10 word spelling test, spelling plurals, and alphabetical ordering. With answers, teaching notes and detailed mapping that includes a list of all expected E3 spellings. 

The reading text


Resource File(s)
Physical format
10 page PDF with answers, notes and mapping


Hi Maggie

Thank you so much for sharing this resource.  I will definitely use it.  It's so helpful to have the tasks which match the new FS Reform exams.