Thundersnow - Functional English reading tasks

NEW 8/2/22  answer sheets now also  available for both versions (E2-E3 and L1-L2) - visit our ANSWER SHEETS page for more information.
New 27/1/2022  A related interactive Wordwall activity (using punctuation to aid understanding) is now available to accompany this resource.

Two sets of reading tasks adapted from a Jan 6 2022 Sky News report about imminent cold weather, including thundersnow, in the UK . The text for the E2-E3 version has been simplified whereas the L1-L2 version has been expanded to include extra facts about thundersnow and includes several challenging questions beyond the scope of the curriculum.

Hastily put together after New Year for those that are looking for topical start of term resources. Thus there is no detailed curriculum mapping but an answer sheet may be available later (resource contributors only - please ask if one would be helpful). Topics covered include: organisational features, spelling and vocabulary, purpose and style, and reading for detail.

Physical format
1 x 3 page PDF (L1-2) and 1 x 2 page PDF (E2-3)
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