Heatwave! Functional English tasks for all levels

Written in and inspired by the July 22 heatwave where temperatures in the UK exceeded 40 degrees! 

Three texts about hot weather and its effects on the body. Questions start at Entry Level 1 and progress to Level 2. L1-2 Learners will still need to access the Entry Level texts as the final questions involve comparing two or more texts. 

I purposely used image-rich texts (it was too hot to focus on a lot of text!) and wanted to show that even the simplest texts can be used at multiple levels - and, conversely, that complex technical texts are not always inaccessible to lower level learners. 

Mostly reading questions (main points, organisational features, vocabulary & dictionary work, purpose, style & tone, comparing texts) but some FS writing topics are also covered (plurals, alphabetical order, punctuation). All questions are fully mapped to the FS content descriptors and have a suggested number of marks.

There is no answer sheet but I might create one later (for resource contributors only).

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