St Patrick's Day Functional English tasks

Editor's note (19/3/2020): answer sheet now available (contributors only)

Based on a text about the annual St Patrick's Parade in London. Aimed at L1 /L2 Reformed Functional Skills learners but also includes some Entry Level questions. Unlike formal assessment papers, questions are arranged by topic so that teachers can pick and choose the subjects they want to focus on. Includes: 

  • Purpose and organisational features 
  • Style and tone
  • Using punctuation
  • Using images
  • Facts, opinions and bias
  • Language and textual features 
  • Alphabetical order, plurals, dictionaries
  • Spelling
  • Detailed reading
  • Working out word meanings 

I’ve been aware for many years that skillsworkshop had no St Patrick’s Day resources so I wrote this in haste a few days before St Patrick’s Day 2020. Sadly, the London 2020 St Patrick’s Day parade (on which the text is based) was later cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. (I have removed some dates from the text it so it can be used in future years – or indeed at any time of year!).

There is no answer sheet – one might appear later for skillsworkshop contributors – but see within the resource for general marking guidance. If you are stuck, please ask for help via Twitter @skillsworkshop or Facebook

Mapped to the Reformed Functional English standards.

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