St Dwynwen's Day - E3-L1 reading tasks

25/1/2022 15:55 updated: ambiguity removed from Q12 (purpose of commas) & answer sheet now available

St Dwynwen's Day is celebrated every year on January 25 and is often referred to as the "Welsh St Valentine's Day".  Learn more about the history of Dwynwen whilst consolidating many aspects of Functional English reading including: purpose, style, identifying meaning, vocabulary and dictionary work, organisational features, main points and detail, and using punctuation to aid understanding. 

Editor's note

Rather hastily put together on Jan 23rd (!) but questions are fully mapped top the E3, L1 or L2 Functional Skills English content descriptors. 13 questions - some are  multiple choice, some might be challenging for E3. NEW (25/1/22) answer sheet now also be available (contributors only) - visit our ANSWER SHEETS page for more 

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