Hear Into the Distance

Updated 11 Mar 21

Related 'Garden Birds' word search now added. This extra activity is based on the "Guide to the top 10 garden birds" poster that appears on page 2  of the Entry Level 1 resource.

Two reading comprehension exercises differentiated for EL1 and EL2/3 Functional Skills English. The Entry Level 1 version also includes speaking and listening activities.

Based on an article from Spring 2020 about how lockdown has enabled us to better connect with nature.  Designed for a mixed ability class so that everyone could be working on the same theme.  Simple multiple choice answers for EL1,  whereas questions for EL2/3 allow for practice in sentence writing as well as comprehension.

One of a set of exercises finding positive topical themes to explore in lockdown, written as worksheets to send out to maintain engagement for learners who had no IT access.  Answer sheets were then sent out the following week for self-assessment. Now coming in handy again for lockdown mk2.

With a handy garden bird identification chart to encourage people to get out and look for themselves!

Editor's note:

With separate answers and detailed curriculum mapping.

Physical format
EL1: 4 page PDF inc. a colour bird poster
EL2/3: 4 page PDF
Answers: 8 page PDF
Wordsearch: 3 page PDF with answers and source links
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