Mother's Day E1 Reading & Writing Assessments

Updated 24/3/22 10.30pm the writing resource is now available for download again. Apologies for any frustration. 11/3/22 3.00pm (typo fixed, page 3 question 8 writing assessment paper)

Two mega-sized Entry Level 1 Functional English assessments with a Mother's Day theme. Modelled closely on the Pearson-Edexcel assessments (but 1.5 times the size! ) but ideal pre-exam practice for any Awarding Organisation. 

Due to their size both resources could be split into sections for targeted revision. The reading is marked out of 24 (suggested pass mark 18) rather than Pearson's 16 (pass = 12) and could be split into three sections - one for each text. Texts are: Farm Cafe with a Mother's Day tea, village flower shop with Mother's Day specials and an email.

Writing is marked out of 60 (rather than 30) with a suggested pass mark of 40 (rather then 21) and could be split by task (alphabetical order, punctuation, Pearson-style multiple choice spelling or two written composition tasks).

Mapping and rough marking guidance is included but I recommend referring to any Pearson practice/past paper mark sheet for further help. (I might have time to create a proper mark sheet later!). 


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2 x 6 page PDFs
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