London Marathon - E1, E2, E3, L1 & L2 Functional Maths

London Marathon is a multi-level graduated Functional Maths workbook for Entry Level 1 to Level 2. A front page overview allows the teacher or learner to decide which levels and topics to work on.  The emphasis throughout is on problem solving and showing working out. The workbook uses information from the 2022 London Marathon web page and event guide.  

At Entry Levels the main coverage is time, dates and calendars, compass points, and extracting information from tables and lists (drink station locations, Running Show opening times, etc.) . Levels 1 and 2 include questions on time (including countdown clocks), bearings, and converting between metric and imperial measures. 

Questions are mapped. 

 NEW Mar 2023 - an answer sheet is (at last!) available (for resource contributors only) - see our ANSWER SHEETS page for details





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