Easter chocolate FS maths tasks E1 E2

A revision task for Entry 1 and Entry 2 Functional Maths, based on the City and Guilds assessments. Includes comparing weight and prices, calculations with money, and 3D shapes. 

There is a 'running' version and a worksheet.  The running version is designed to be cut into strips. Students work in pairs or small groups on question 1 and one person 'runs' to the teacher when they have written the answer on their strip. If the answer is correct, the teacher gives the next question to take back to their partner.  This can get competitive! 

Editor's notes

Although written for C&G this lovely resource can be used with any FS Awarding Organisation. In additi0n to the worksheets and information sheet, there's also a glossary (particularly useful for ESOL learners). Topics covered include:  money/coins, weight, length, comparing amounts, addition , subtraction, shapes, and halving. 

A comprehensive student answer sheet is available - for resource contributors only. Please refer to the Answer sheets page for more details.

Physical format
1 page information sheet PDF
3 pages of assessment questions PDF
4 pages of same assessment questions for cutting into strips PDF
1 page glossary of key terms PDF
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