Booking into a salon Level 1-2

I wrote this to add to Timings in a Salon by Carrie Bray (see link left) as I needed to encourage my higher level students in the same area.

I started the session by giving students terminology which they had to define, then work out how much it was worth if a=1p b=2p etc. (see PPT).

I used then used tasks to recap on 24 hour and analogue time next then used the attached worksheets alongside Carrie's worksheet.

I then provided a Tarsia puzzle at the end to recap on time.

Editor's notes

Fully mapped to the new 2018 Functional Maths content which takes effect from September 2019. Note that there is no coverage of calculating with time in the new content  (at any level) and no specific coverage of time at Level 2 (except as part of 'speed'  in compound measures) so I have mapped it to Entry 3 and Level 1. However, IMO the problem solving aspect raises some parts of this resource to Level 2. In addition to time it also covers, to a lesser degree: money, substitution, finding 10% , and extracting and representing information.

Refer to the PPT for more details of the algebra/substitution starter. E.g. scalp =  19 + 3 + 1  + 12 + 16 = 51(p). See our Vocabulary Cards for Hairdressers (link left) for more ideas.

We have a large selection of Tarsia puzzles, although not one on time. Search our Useful Links to find out more about the Tarsia puzzle application.

Physical format
8 screen PowerPoint and 7 page PDF