Applying Pesticides - Literacy Workbook

This document has been created to support learners who work with handling and using pesticides within the framework of current legislation. The material supports the following outcomes:

  • Identify the legislation and codes of practice governing the use of pesticides and demonstrate safe practice 
  • Describe the correct procedures related to storing, applying and disposing of pesticides

This material may support learners who are working towards certification in Pesticide Application or as a Unit as part of certification in Agriculture.

Editor's notes

Very useful embedded reading activities aid the comprehension and retention of  the information in the workbook and include comprehension questions, labelling diagrams,  gap fills, matching and sorting tasks. There are also longer writing tasks and maths questions (area of rectangles, triangles and circles; calculating application rates [compound measures], converting measures).  Note that almost all measures in the workbook are Imperial (acres, feet, gallons) - I don't know if these are still widely used in agriculture? 

No answer sheet.

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29 page PDF