A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens adapted for Entry level readers

Suitable for guided reading with Entry level learners in the run up to Christmas, this version of Dickens’s classic Christmas story (first published in 1843 and never out of print since) has been created using content downloaded from https://www.ego4u.com/en/read-on/literature/christmas-carol on 26th October 2016 and only slightly adapted for use as a paper resource.

The PDF file can be printed and, with the addition of a blank back-sheet, stapled to form a learner booklet. Alternatively, the 5 chapter pdf documents can be printed and used as five individual 2-page worksheets. Each chapter includes tasks that challenge learners to write sentences, identify synonyms, homonyms and opposites and/or recognise true and false statements. Reading of the text can also lead to discussion of subjects such as British cultural history or the changing nature of Christmas, and to associated writing tasks.

Physical format
11 page PDF booklet, 5 page PDF answer sheet
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