Readwell Road Step 4 - exclusive story now available

Linda Hoole’s Readwell Road adult reading scheme books have been a great hit since they first appeared on skillsworkshop last year. Site contributor Linda has now gone on and independently published the complete set of 48 books.

Unlike the earlier Readwell Road stories on skillsworkshop, this new Step 4 story A surprise for Jim and Nan includes custom hand-drawn pictures and is an exact replica (minus the cover!) of the published version available on Aimed at Entry 3 readers, the real life sensitive adult content of the story lends itself to a host of discussion and writing activities – in addition to boosting reading skills. Comprehension, punctuation and grammar exercises are also included at the end of the story.

The story builds on the previous Step 1-3 Jim and Nan stories – all available on skillsworkshop – just search for Readwell Road to find them!

I wrote the Readwell Road stories. Lots of you have downloaded them and have used them in your teaching. I hope you have found them both useful and enjoyable.

Maggie inspired me to publish them as books. I am pleased that she gave me that encouragement. I would not have done it otherwise.

Thank you Maggie for all you have done for tutors in adult education.


Thank you so much for this wonderful set of stories. It’s so hard to find material that is very easy to read, yet at an adult level. I work with a reluctant reader who actually wants to find out what happens to the characters and your work has given him so much confidence as he has discovered he can read most of the stories for himself. He isn’t quite so daunted by a page of words now. He uses a ruler or blank page to keep his place line by line, and this means only a manageable number of words show at one time.
He’s gradually changed from ‘won’t try’ to ‘I can do it’ – so thank you.

I am delighted to hear that you are finding my stories useful. I enjoyed writing them and the books are being used in many schools and colleges in the UK. It was very exciting to hear that you are using them in Australia.
Please contact me if I can help in any way.