Christmas Concert Entry Level Functional English writing tasks

Three differentiated writing tasks / practice papers on the same theme. First, you apply to appear in a Christmas Concert at the village hall. Later, you hear you have got a place in the concert and write an email inviting your friends to come and watch.

I wrote these tasks as an informal summative assessment end-of-term activity for a mixed level E1-E3 group of 16-19 year-olds, but they are suitable for any age group.

Throughout the autumn term we had spent a lot of time working on form filling, capital letters and full stops, sentence structure, and using conjunctions (also paragraphs for E3 learners). These skills are emphasised in the tasks. The E2 and E3 tasks include boxes where learners must list the conjunctions they have used, and all three papers include basic form filling.

Fully mapped to the Functional Skills English writing criteria, each paper also includes a one page tutor marking sheet.

Physical format
1 x 4 pages, 1x 5 pages, 1 x 6 pages.
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