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Resource Title Contributed By Added Updated
M&Ms Fractions Jan Robinson
M&Ms Investigation Marion Crocker
Madonna mauls Eminem's critics Louisa Hubbard
Magic Formulas Marc Stewart
Magic Money Dave Walkden
Make a Terrarium Functional English and ICT Emma Shaw
Make CVC words Helen E
Make your own mnemonic Gill Gallagher
Making a formal phone call (local hospitality provision) Cathy Barton
Making a mini wildlife pond Maggie Harnew
Making and dealing with complaints Hawa Lunat
Making pancakes Functional Maths Nicola Smith
Making plurals Maggie Harnew
Making simplified Tarsia puzzles Dave Clapham
Making words from 'friends' and 'reading' Dave Norgate
Manage your own money Dawn Morris
MAPS method: a visual aid to proof reading Margaret Adams
March quiz with embedded maths, English and E&D Laura Bell
Maria's Valentine's Day Party Emma Shaw
Mark, Chloe, Paul and Alice Amanda Burgess
Market Stall Ruth Read
Mary and Sam / tch words - Margaret Adams
Match sounds sh or ch Margaret Adams
Matching capacities Kate Hart
Maths at Work - all 4 number functions Carrie Bray
Maths for the Summer Alison Tait
Maths Multiplication Targets Marc Stewart
Maths quizzes Han Dunsterville
Maths test Edward Henderson
Maths vocabulary test Matthew Tiller
Matron gives modern NHS check-up Dave Norgate
May Day for E1-2 Christine Robinson
May Day L1 reading and writing task Christine Robinson
Mean Mode Median Range Valerie Hitchcox
Mean, mode, median, range worksheet Jan Long
Measure cards Maggie Harnew
Measurement for hairdressing Karen Nelson
Measurement fraction cards Angela Qarini
Measures portfolio / workbook Carmen Pop
Measures: quick reference cards Simon Roper
Measuring length and handling data Jennifer Whitehead
Medicine Instructions 1 Maggie Harnew
Medicine Instructions 2 Maggie Harnew
Medium term E1 literacy plans x 3 Di Jenkins
Medium term E2 literacy plans x3 Di Jenkins
Medium term plan for E3-L1 perimeter, area and volume Susan Kindred
Memory tips for ordering months of the year Nancy Burn
Mental addition strategies (compensation) and problems for E2 Maggie Harnew
Mental addition strategies (reordering) and problems for E1-E2 Maggie Harnew
Mental health and wellbeing slides Stephanie Gilford
Mental maths dice game Leon Szymanski
Mental Maths quiz Keith Ball
Merry ChrisMaths Margaret Lagoyianni
Merry Hill Shoppers Jane Harbord
Metres and centimetres game Susan Allen
Metric and Imperial measurements Louise Dumbell
Metric and Imperial measures posters Judith White
Metric bubble revision chart Leia Fee
Metric conversions - length, weight and capacity Lee Foster
Metric measure cards Carrie Bray
Metric measures handout Margaret Lagoyianni
Metric measures of length and decimals Sheena Clarke
Metric system John Thompson B
Metric unit problems Janet Wilkins
Metric units of measure - conversions Joaquin Llorente
Metric units slider Joaquin Llorente
Michael Jackson obituary Kathryn Galara
Michael Jackson tributes Olubunmi Coker
Mike and Ben E1 reading & writing Helen E
Milestone 8 Number Judy Valentine
Mindmaps: how to mindmap and spelling strategies Nikki Brown
Miniature Earth percentages Helen Connell
Misbehave and lose your mp3 player Hazel Hughes
Miserable Britons Dave Norgate
Misleading averages Debbie Ellis
Miss Dotty Decimals Tasneem Kausar-Javaid
Misspellings (for Smart Notebook) Dave Norgate
Mixed anagrams (for Smart Notebook) Dave Norgate
Mixed entry level number exercises. Jean Thomas
Mixed ESOL resources for E1 beginners Vicky Douglas
Mixed metric measures game Susan Allen
Mixed revision - 3 jigsaws / domino sets Michael McBride
Mixing paint Dave Hagon
Mnemonics quiz James Carroll
Mobile phone addition and subtraction Carrie Bray
Mobile phone packages Gordon Noblett
Mobile phone packages - answer sheet Martyn Staines
Mobile Phones Nikki Milton
Mobile phones should be banned in schools. Jodie Murrell
Modal verbs worksheet Geoff Saunders
Money 1 John Thompson B
Money 2 John Thompson B
Money homework Maggie Harnew
Money in, money out Deborah Proudfoot
Money Matters: choosing between addition & subtraction Janet Wilkins
Money Place Value Chart: 100's of £s to pennies Maggie Harnew
Money, decimals and fractions Judith White
Money, decimals and fractions v2 Judith White
Monopoly mental maths game Leon Szymanski
Monsters are Real - Entry 3 comprehension Gerry Farrell
Months and seasons Sonia Carroll
Moral Dilemmas Saul Pope
More primary pupils miss school Dave Norgate
More spelling mnemonics F Boorman
More than - Less than Janet Kinsey
Morris dancing 'extinction' fears Dave Norgate
Mosses Centre Cafe Stephanie Bradshaw
Mother's Day E1 Reading & Writing Assessments Maggie Harnew
Mothering Sunday Mary McMellon
Motor Vehicle vocabulary Rachel Emmett
Motor vehicles: vocabulary and parts of speech Carrie Bray
Motoring in Europe Jane Flanders
Mountain bike percentages Julie Hobson
Mouse exercise Barbara Corcoran
Mouth to mouth resuscitation Laura Jeffrey Kiiza
Move - On learner guide Dave Humpage
Move Leap Day L1-L2 reading tasks Maggie Harnew
Moving text Margaret Adams
MS Office card game Lynne Maguire
Muhammad Ali reading comprehension Joanne Collins
Multi-purpose card based resources for Entry literacy & numeracy Maggie Harnew
Multiple choice numeracy revision cards Karen Spear
Multiplication matching facts Jane Marsh
Multiplication Strategies John Thompson B
Multiplying and dividing by 10 & 100 for hairdressing Janet Wilkins
Multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 Elaine Baskerville
Multiplying and dividing decimals Janet Wilkins
Multiplying and dividing whole numbers Janet Wilkins
Mum's Day off, is it? L1-2 ESOL grammar, vocabulary, discussion Jenny Cole
Munich Air Disaster Laurence Fletcher
Murder at the grange Brian Harris
Murder at the Grange parts 2 and 3 Ruth Read
Museum of London Functional English task Judith Nicholson
Museum of Your Life Jacqueline Stamp
Museum trip - E3 practice literacy assignment George Wormald
Music AQA Paper 2-style GCSE English Language exam practice Matthew Ruddle
Music video and lyrics task sheet Fiona Campbell B
My busy day (housework) v2 lower level activity Nafisah Graham-Brown
My Busy Day v3 additional E1 reading activities Kate Buckell
My Christmas Danielle Dagnall
My Christmas v2 Karen Bruin
My day - cut and paste Gill Clark
My health Jadwiga Danek
My house ILP Margaret Adams
My MP lesson plan and resources Matt Barnes
My name is Adumbi Marion Martin
My name is Anna Marion Martin
My name is Fred Carrie Bray
My name is Marco Marion Martin
My Red Face Yvonne Cook
Myths and legends John England
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