Ableist Language texts & questions for L2 reading practice

Two texts on the theme of Ableist slurs and language accompanied by a selection of reading practice questions written in the style of Edexcel reading papers at Level 2. Includes SOME Level 1 style questions, too.

Editor's notes

Two topical and thought-provoking texts that would also make a excellent prompts for discussion on ableist language. Text 1 (Guardian) is short (could be used for Level 1) and reports on Lizzo's removal of an ableist slur from her new song.

Text 2 is from the Harvard Business Review. It's a detailed article on how we can avoid ableism and improve our language: a challenging text and much longer (4 pages) than those encountered in Level 2 assessment.

Both texts are accompanied by 8/10 questions, plus a final comparison question involving both texts. Questions cover vocabulary/synonyms, fact/opinion, formal/informal/positive/negative language, organisational/language features and punctuation.

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