AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Social Media

Social Media - AI behind the scenes slides exploring: how many people use social media and the algorithms running behind the scenes; the fact that we are being 'watched' and the concept that 'if you're not paying for the product, then YOU are the product'. Slides also explore DeepMind, Google Autocomplete and the idea that smartphones are making us dumber. 

As part of a stretch and challenge Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is discussed as the first AI novel and Frankenstein's creation is compared to AI itself.  

Resource encourages learners to take part in discussions, comparing themes and deep diving into text making inferences about source texts. Learners are challenged to take part in a round-robin creative writing exercise in likeness of  the @Shelley_ai twitter round-robin stories that users can get involved with AI bot live online. 

Editor's notes

Advanced texts and vocabulary make this thought provoking resource best suited to Level 2 Functional Skills and GCSE English. 

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