Alphabetical Order - exam style questions for E2-E3 FS English

Based on the exercises in the Functional Skills Entry Level English exams, this is a revision resource that also provides practice in spelling and reading. I use this as a starter activity, whilst the students are settling into the classroom. It is not intended to be completed at one time. The resource is kept in their folders and can also be used in spare time or for homework. 

Two versions are available, each based lists of the 1000  most common sight words. The horizontal and vertical layout versions include the same content: the horizontal version  has far fewer pages for printing out (15 pages). Less able students may prefer the extra working space on the vertical layout version (44 pages but no need to print them all at once!). 

Editor's notes

A mega set of worksheets that should last a lifetime! The vertical format questions are in the same format as Pearson Edexcel E2 and E3 Functional Skills English (writing) assessments but provide useful practise for any FS Awarding Organisation. Each question consists of four words, all with the same first letter but the 2nd, 3rd, etc. letters will differ. The vertical format version includes a final page of blanks so teachers or students can add their own words if desired.

Physical format
15 page PDF (horizontal format) and 44 page PDF (vertical format)