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Pancake day in Exdale - E1, E2, E3, L1 & L2 Functional Maths Maggie Harnew
Pancake day literacy and numeracy activities Margaret Lagoyianni
Pancake ICT writing task June Mill
Pancake Proportions Maggie Harnew
Pancakes imperatives Carrie Bray
Pancakes maths questions Judith White
Paragraphing Ginny Anderson
Parts of speech - quick diagnostic test Jim Gourlay
Parts of a computer Dawn Burford
Parts of a sentence Brenda Doyle
Parts of Speech Jennifer Baines
Parts of speech - bingo game and other activities Carrie Bray
Parts of speech - onscreen crossword Karen Bruin
Parts of speech activity Ruth North
Parts of speech worksheet Lisa Smith
Parts of the body quiz Kathy Crockford
Passive and active verbs Janet Wilkins
Passive verb forms Margit Hallam
Passport costs around the world Emma Shaw
Past Simple - Regular and Irregular Verbs Christmas Susanne Jones
Pasta Grannies passive voice and skills at risk Eleanor Kliffen
Patterned curtain - fraction activity Angela Qarini
Pavement plants ICT task E1 Beata Adrian
Pavement plants ICT task E2 Beata Adrian
Pay Day Matt Barnes
PC Quiz Game Malcolm McElwee
People bingo Heidi Griffin
People bingo v2 Marion Crocker
People spend half their waking hours daydreaming Dave Norgate
Percent squares Debbie Ellis
Percentage Dice Game Sue Knox
Percentage problems Ian Saunders
Percentages and fractions of quantities Jean Thomas
Percentages of amounts Samuel Sao
Percentages of different numbers Jan Long
Percentages of quantities Jean Thomas
Percentages of quantities top trump cards Judith White
Percy Hargreaves - stickler for literacy Carrie Bray
Perimeter and area bingo Nicola Smith
Perimeter and area exercise Chris Cook
Perimeter and area of complex shapes Kellie Smith
Perimeter, Area & Volume L2 revision handout Marc Stewart
Perimeter, area and volume Julie Hobson
Perimeter, area, volume for IWB Leia Fee
Perimeter, circumference and area Ian Saunders
Personal Data Dominoes Eleanor Kliffen
Personal Information for E1 ESOL Rebecca Gordon
Personal statement planner Sarah Horsley
Personal Travel Planner & Planning a Holiday Lynne Bradshaw
Persuasion cards Anne Waddington
Pet Centipede Marion Martin
Pet Centipede E2 exam style sheet Alex Morgan
Pets E2 literacy exam Carrie Bray
Phoenix: GCSE Language AQA Paper 1 exam-style questions Matthew Ruddle
Phonetic alphabet flashcards Robert Smith
Phonic word building sheet Nicola Toms
Phoning a guest house June Mill
Phrase & metaphor follow me - domino loop cards Nigel Henry
Phrase Match Anne Hodgson
Pi/e Jean Morten
Pick 'n Mix writing task Ruth North
Pictogram activities Tony Jenkins
Pictogram activity Pete Johnson
Picture - word match (food) Jacqui Garrett
Pie Charts? Dave Clapham
Pizza fingers Helen Connell
Pizza fractions Maggie Harnew
Pizza maths and English Marion Martin
Place value - underpinning for L1-2 Functional Maths Maggie Harnew
Place value / numbers as words / ordering Susan Vickers
Place value 2 player card game Jean Thomas
Place value game Jodie Travis
Place value homework v1 Maggie Harnew
Place value homework v2 Maggie Harnew
Place value revision Jean Thomas
Place value Slider Jane Russell
Place value subtraction game Emma Hayward
Place value: header and digit cards Dawn Pollitt
Plan a Christmas Fete E1-E2 Joanne Collins
Plan a Christmas party - Entry Functional Maths tasks Shellyanne Graham
Planning a barbecue Fiona Campbell
Planning a bonfire party - Functional Maths tasks Nicola Smith
Planning a Christmas party Linda M Hoole
Planning a fireworks display Margaret Lagoyianni
Planning a holiday Gabrielle Adnitt
Planning a journey John Thompson A
Planning a party Ruth D
Planning a school party Helen Lloyd
Planning an effective CV Laura Jeffrey Kiiza
Plant prices - batches of 10 or 100 Sonia Hartman
Plastic bag charge E3-L2 Functional Maths Geraldine Cruse
Plastic surgery Janet Wilkins
Platinum Pudding competition form Maggie Harnew
Plural spelling rules Abigail Iliffe
Plural spellings - proofreading practice Emily Nichols
Plurals (for Smart Notebook) Dave Norgate
Plurals - adding S to words ending in Y Janet Kinsey
Poinsettias Helen Connell
Polysyllabic words game Kathy Crockford
Poor PowerPoints Helen Redman
Positional vocabulary Michael Garen
Positive & negative temperatures. Follow me cards Judith White
Positive and negative numbers Jane Kay
Possessive apostrophe cards Patricia Weston
Possessive apostrophes Maggie Harnew
Postal charges matching activity Chris Farrell
Postal rates worksheet Leia Fee
Posting parcels Lynn Savage
Posting parcels, letters and cards E3-L1 maths Maggie Harnew
Pounds to pence Jennifer Williamson
Pounds to pence worksheet Nicola Toms
Power walking Tricia Egginton
Practical problems with 3D objects Maggie Harnew
Practical sessions - weights, lengths, areas, capacities Tim Goldstein
Practice E3 Numeracy assignment - mobiles Dave Clapham
Practice E3 numeracy multiple choice test Ruth Colclough
Practice L1 Numeracy test Dave Clapham
Practice L1 Ratio and Proportion questions. Maggie Harnew
Practice L2 numeracy test Dave Clapham
Practice multiple choice spelling questions for E3 and beyond Jacqui Wallis
Practice with sh or ch Margaret Adams
Practise fractions Ciaran OBriain
Practise percentages Ciaran OBriain
Pre-Entry Fruit Maths Tim Galashan
Pre-exam aural check Level 1 Functional Maths Maggie Harnew
pre-Roman Britain and Boudicca's revolt Gill Gallagher
Prefixes Gill Gallagher
Premier League numeracy Saul Pope
Preparing for Speaking, Listening & Communication Tasks Mark Wilson
Preparing learners for L1-2 FS English writing Sally Shipton Black
Preposition flashcards Bena
Preposition help sheet Maggie Harnew
Present tense cards Tricia Priestly
Present tense simple Magdalena Bicka
Presentation Graphics - homophones Margaret Adams
Presentation Graphics - Punctuation Margaret Adams
Presenting information L1 ICT task sheet Ann-Marie Okeke
Prevent Duty - Functional Maths & English tasks Julie Newton
Primary education 'too narrow' Dave Norgate
Primary School bus crash shocks the community Kate Buckell
Probability AfL plenary cards Chris Greaves
Probability game Matthew Tiller
Probability questions for L2 Functional Maths Hannah Yates
Probability with a pack of playing cards Judith White
Problem Page Saul Pope
Problem page extra handouts for E2-L1 Lisa Holland
Problems in the home PPT & dialogue cards Maggie Harnew
Produce a non fiction text Margaret Lagoyianni
Profit & Loss / Costing Functional Maths workbooks for catering students Susan Brocklehurst
Profit or loss? Follow me cards Judith White
Progression Assessment Sheet Level 1 Literacy Jacqueline Buchanan
Pronouns comprehension Amanda Burgess
Pronouns quiz Amanda Burgess
Proof reading a Cub Scout newsletter Janet Chapman
Proof reading for Early Years students Linda M Hoole
Proof reading for Functional English Mrs Rajal Naik
Proof reading posters Sheila Greenman
Proofreading for unnecessary words Stephanie Clark
Properties of 2D and 3D shapes John Thompson A
Properties of 2D Shapes - quadrilaterals and triangles Alison Tait
Properties of 2D Shapes for Entry Level Functional Maths Alison Tait
Properties of 3D Objects for Entry Level Functional Maths Alison Tait
Properties of shapes Fiona Plackett
Psychic octopus predicts World Cup result David Pike
Pudsey Collection Anna Lister
Punctuating direct speech Sanchia Hylton-Smith
Punctuation - onscreen crossword Karen Bruin
Punctuation cards Margaret Adams
Punctuation crossword Celia Rooks
Punctuation for artists Rachel Parkinson
Punctuation Match Gemma Holtam
Pupils' behaviour has worsened Dave Norgate
Purpose and audience Emma Shaw
Purpose of text - Club sandwich instructions Kereen Smith
Purpose of text card game Jan Long
Purpose of text hexagonal jigsaw Andrea McCulloch
Purpose of Text interactive PowerPoint Richard Scott
Purpose of text L1 questions Maggie Harnew
Purpose of Texts Angela Gonzalez
Purposes of Text PowerPoint Kate Lindley
Pythagoras' Theorem Louise Dumbell
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