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Resource Title Contributed By Added Updated
D Day Landings WW2 L1 Functional Maths Philip Mansfield
Daft burglars Ginette Kriche
Dangers of working with cement: skimming, scanning & comprehension Gill Gallagher
Data Collection and Averages - functional tasks Nikki Gilbey
Dating Agency Saul Pope
David Beckham Ann Matsunaga
Day at the zoo John Thompson A
Days of the week - spelling activities Jacqueline Stamp
Days of the week interactive worksheet Cathy Barton
Days of the Week lesson plan & resources Andrew Speers
Days, months, seasons, dates and calendars Jennifer Whitehead
Deal or No Deal Richard Buck
Debt dilemmas Carrie Bray
Decimal multiplication connect 4 Hannah Yates
Decimal on-screen slider Celyn Osuji
Decimal place value charts Maggie Harnew
Decimals in care jobs Lauren McNamara
Decimals in the garden Judith White
Decimals in the kitchen Judith White
Decimals, percentages, fractions and rounding learners' resource Han Dunsterville
Decorating your bedroom Vicky Douglas
Dee gets Fit Rachel Emmett
Dee Gets Fit (add-on writing tasks) Kate Buckell
Demonstrative pronouns for Entry ESOL Andrew Nava
Describing foods (local hospitality provision) Cathy Barton
Describing people Laura Jeffrey Kiiza
Describing people - 3 onscreen activities Maggie Harnew
Describing people - a writing framework Vicky Douglas
Descriptions - reading, writing & listening Marie Scarlett Davis
Descriptive non-fiction texts Maggie Harnew
Design a revision board game for Functional Skills Carrie Bray
Design a room Carrie Bray
Designing a garden Jane Redgrave
Designing and costing a garden. Nikki Gilbey
Device of the Day: embedded digital skills for ESOL Alexandra Bates and others at Essex ACL
Diagonal grid A4 paper for lattice method Maggie Harnew
Dialogue prompts for Entry ESOL role play (Set 2) Jenny Cole
Dialogue prompts for Entry ESOL speaking and listening role play Jenny Cole
Diamond Jubilee Ellie Walsh
Diamond Jubilee Concert - Functional Skills task Judith White
Diamond Jubilee proof reading and synonyms Joy Burkitt-Tomlinson
Dice matrix games for English, Maths and ESOL Kathy Crockford
Dictionaries and thesauri Carrie Bray
Dictionary Challenge Angela Kennedy-Lockwood
Dictionary skills Jan Long
Different types of text Matt Barnes
Different types of text PPTs Sally Shipton Black
Digital and analogue time OHT Maggie Harnew
Directions writing frames Maggie Harnew
Discovering sentences Jennifer Baines
Discussion exercise - famous phrases Helen Holt
Discussion planner for E2-L2 Functional English Luke Pearce
Distances from my home Martyn Staines
Diversity - Britain's got Talent Rachel Emmett
Divisibility checks game Jean Thomas
Division - Interpreting remainders Joaquin Llorente
Division of whole numbers Joaquin Llorente
Division strategies John Thompson B
Do you have a favourite...? John Thompson A
Dogs saving penguins Marion Martin
Dolch words board game Annie Hammersley
Doubling and halving Judith White
Dr Who reading practice Andrea McCulloch
Drag and drop British animals Beverley Popely
Drag and drop colour Cathy Barton
Drag and drop colours Beverley Popely
Dragons' Den L2 Speaking & Listening, and Writing assessments Charlotte Gustar
Draw my picture Julie Hobson
Drawing a 'Cool Cat' in MS Word Dave Humpage
Dream - writing an acrostic poem Moira Garland
Dream Holiday Stephen Griffin
Drill Music - Can Violent Lyrics Cause Violent Behaviour? Claire O'Hagan
Drink driving - write a speech Karen Foot
Driving modified cars - Functional English discussion Carrie Bray
Driving test changes - Functional English practice writing task Tom Morris
Driving times investigation Leia Fee
Drug awareness embedded Functional English Andrew Speers
Dunlop Volley shoes Craig Sullivan
Dyslexia practice sheets Jennifer Whitehead
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