Adjectives in order (review and practice)

Used with an Entry Level 1 ESOL group.
1) Bring in some real objects such as a long red wool scarf, a green plastic bag, a small silver mobile phone. Discuss the word order used to describe them. Learners can describe their own bags, phones, and clothes as necessary and write some examples on the table.
2) Put the adjectives in order in the example sentences and check as a group.
3) Role play. Set the scene – you left something on the bus to college this morning and you phone the bus company to see if they have it. The example is a small red umbrella with a leather handle. Put learners in pairs to practise. Encourage improvisation and moving off the script after a few goes. It usually ends in laughter.

This role-play fits in well with the transport unit in the Entry One skills for life materials Unit 4 and the order we use adjectives fits in with the shopping Unit 9

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