Jumbled Poems & Limericks

This resource helps learners hear rhymes and recognise corresponding letters/digraphs, rimes and onsets etc. Take simple limericks and poems and get your learners to put them together.

I created my own limericks to match work we had been doing on long vowel sounds (it is not that difficult to do once you get started). Well-known poems and nursery rhymes also proved particularly popular as many knew them already by heart from childhood and some were doing them now with their children.

Each word in the limerick is cut up and reassembled by the learners. It allows for a lot of differentiation and works across all learning styles as the learners hear and read the required word from their given pile. The activity can be used from low Entry Level upwards. There are two different activity methods described.
Method 1 could also work well on interactive whiteboard

Warning: this can get quite boisterous and noisy – at least it did with my Pre Entry / Entry 1 class!

Physical format
4 page Word document, Excel spreadsheet with word cards (16 pages)