preEntry Seasons and days of the week

The worksheets can be used as seems appropriate for your learners. My method was for learners to identify the seasons and write the names beneath the pictures – I had put them on the board in a random order for learners to be able to use first and second letter recognition to match the words and pictures.

The days of the week sheet was used as a recapping tool – learners insert the first letter, then fold at the dotted line and write them out again. This was followed by a Q and A session on ‘what do you do on…’ to get learners talkiing about activities.

We followed this by matching pictures of ‘weekly activities’ with words/phrases to describe them (pre-lit learners can use the cut outs if preferred) and then the reading – again, matching the words/phrases in the reading exercise to the pictures.

Used in a preEntry ESOL group but also suitable (and fully mapped to) preEntry literacy.

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Gill Kanga (not verified)

Wed, 2011-09-21 08:42

Hi Maggie, or whoever reads these comments

I’ve just found the perfect resource for my pre-entry class this morning. It is Seasons and Days of the Week by Claire Millard. So a BIG thank you to Claire for making my life much easier. There’s enough here to help the pre-literate students feel positive about words (hopefully) and scope for me to develop other resources for the literate students.

Please can you pass on my appreciation to Claire.

Thank you so much

Gill Kanga

Thanks Gill,

As you can see I have posted your comment underneath Claire’s resource and will of course also let Claire know.

Do keep the comments coming – it’s great for contributors to get feedback. You can leave comments yourself underneath any resource if you are logged in – although I certainly don’t mind if you prefer to email them to me directly.

Have fun in your class this morning :)