Compound word card match

This is a resource for teaching compound words to mixed ability groups. There are five different word match activities and two help sheets.

I use the first two activities, sports and food, with E1-2 learners. Depending on their ability you can either give the learners both topics at once or give them one at a time to make the activity easier. For very low level students I’d give the learners one topic at a time and a help sheet.

The help sheets can also be used as a standalone activity where the students fill in the line with another word to make a compound word e.g corn………. = cornflake.

To make the activity more challenging for E3-L1 learners there are three sets of cards that can have their topic cards removed. As well as putting the words together to make compound words the students must work out the word themes are as well. The themes for these sets of cards are: accessories, buildings and food. Adapted from “Themed compound word games” by Maggie Harnew – see below.

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Archie Wah Wah (not verified)

Mon, 2012-03-19 15:07

The word card match contains an error: hamburger is not a compound word, it is so called because it originates in Hamburg. “Burger” is a contraction, which has lead to some confusion over the years and meant the inclusion by some of the extra word “beef”, to ensure that people are aware that hamburgers do not, nor never have, contained ham. Teaching this incorrectly as a compound will only perpetuate that confusion. I would advise against its inclusion in the lesson.