The room - Functional Maths challenge

A scaffolded investigation created for my Level 1 numeracy group but ideal for, and fully mapped to, L1-2 Functional maths.
Part 1 involves reading a description of a room and drawing simple scale diagrams (a grid is provided) before pricing up a carpet from a discount company.
Part 2 is more complex: calculate the length of skirting board, wallpaper, paint, dado rail and door framing required.
As a further extension (not described in the resource) I gave the students a budget of £2000 and they had to furnish the room as a dining room with all the lamps, crockery, cutlery etc.
When they had researched that, (I had to use catalogues as we do not have ICT facilities) I gave them a 20% discount on their purchases and they had to design a menu for 6 using the discounted money.
It was a wonderful fantasy journey for them. The whole process took 4 weeks.

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5 pages inc. answer sheet