E1-E2 Mobile Phones Functional Maths

This task is aimed at E1-E2 learners but can be adapted to include other levels.
The resource is great to use with learners as a mobile phone is something of interest to them whilst they also complete lots of maths activities. It has numbers to 10 in digits and words, writing a cheque, extracting information, addition, different ways to make 10p, and prices.

I start it off with a mindmap activity where learners name all the maths used when buying a mobile phone (can add English in here as well). It is all about using numbers and money in everyday contexts so is very functional.

You will need some mobile phone leaflets or information printed off the Internet.
Aspects of Functional English are also covered (create a poster, spelling, reading leaflets).

Fully mapped to the Functional Maths criteria.

Physical format
10 pages
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