House Price Investigation

Mean, Mode, Median and Range: Investigation into house prices.

Students use to explore house prices in areas of their choice. For example pairs of students could explore house prices in different cities in the UK.

They will need access to computers. You will also need to establish criteria before they start to collect their data so that like for like houses are being compared. For example all of the groups are to compare prices of 2 bedroom flats in the cities of their choice.

This will be live data so will constantly change. You can have some excellent discussions as to local variations and variations between different areas of the country.

You could also use information from local papers to compare the prices between local towns. Another version is to compare prices between cities in different countries… bring some newspapers back with you if you go abroad on holiday!

I have also added the version for only mean and range if all of your students are at L1.
I have extended this activity further to create pie charts and bar charts in Excel. I haven’t done so yet but I can also see that pictograms could be created using the data.

Editor’s note
Fully mapped to L1-2 Functional maths.

Physical format
2 x 4 page PDFS