A city of towers

An interactive whiteboard problem solving activity suitable for many levels. Makes a fun starter activity and provides a good link between shape and space and algebra. Can also used as a hands on activity for all (rather than just volunteers at the smartboard) using pencil and squared paper, plastic squares or wooden/plastic cubes.
Adult numeracy element links are difficult to classify but include:

  • MSS2/E3.1 (sort 2-D and 3-D shapes),
  • MSS2/L1.2 (draw 2-D shapes in different orientations using grids).
    Also makes a good introduction to algebra / patterns from Entry 1 upwards. E.g.
  • N1/E1.8: Solve numerical pattern problems involving algebra, recognise simple patterns and sequences.
  • N1/L1.11: Solve problems involving algebra; translate simple word problems into symbols (+, -, x and x) and numbers.
    This resource was inspired by the original at
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I like this activity. I hadn’t seen it on nrich so thanks for pointing it out to us. I haven’t got a Smartboard but I’m sure I can adapt it for our particular board. Thanks, Maggie.