Adult Numeracy core curriculum (DfES, 2001)

Since the demise of the Excellence Gateway (EG) on September 30 2023, there is no official Government backed website where the old Skills for Life core curricula are available. The EG has (partially) migrated to the Education & Training Foundation (ETF) at but there is no sign of these classic documents. 

The Adult Literacy and Adult Numeracy curricula (Basic Skills Agency, 2001) were replaced more than decade ago by the Functional Skills Maths and English content. However, they are still useful resources and many older (pre 2011) skillsworkshop resources are still mapped to the Literacy and/or Numeracy criteria. I've therefore decided to make the Numeracy core curriculum available here. The pre-Entry and Access for All curricula may follow later.   

The ESOL curriculum is still a much used document and is used to catalogue all the ESOL resources on It is also available here on skillsworkshop. 

Each Numeracy level (E1, E2, E3, L1, L2) is split into three skills sections as below; each section has two sub-sections. The abbreviations tally with those used on for numeracy/maths resources uploaded before 2010 (i.e. before the advent of Functional Skills) 

Skill sections
Number N - Whole numbers N1 | Fractions, decimals & percentages N2
Measures, shapes and space M - Common measures MSS1 | Shape& space RMSS2
Handling data HD - Data HD1 | Probability HD2 

In addition there are hundreds of sample activities, useful extra info boxes and a glossary.

Physical format
152 page PDF
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