Using Formulae 2 - Australian version

An Australian version (i.e. uses A$, Australian vocabulary, etc.) of the popular Using Formulae v2 written by Gordon Noblett in 2007. Useful, realistic practice – questions cover mobiles, cooking, printing photos, plumbing rates, etc. Each multi-part question is cleverly staggered so that learners build up a set of answers and then find a 'rule'. Includes 'formulae expressed in words' so some questions also suitable for Level 1 (in addition to Level 2).

Editor's notes

This classic maths resource, originally written for the Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum is ideal for Levels 1 & 2 Functional Maths. UK users please note that I intend to update the UK version to reflect today's UK prices, etc. At the moment the original 2007 UK version is still available here

An answer sheet is available - for resource contributors only. Please refer to the Answer sheets page for more details.

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