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Resource Title Contributed By Added Updated
Fact and opinion Emma Shaw
Fact, opinion and bias match up cards Nigel Henry
Facts about pancakes Nicola Smith
Fairtrade business project Helen Connell
Fairtrade numeracy Jackie Barton
Family Will Dixon
Fantasy job lesson plan Philip Hinchcliffe
Fantasy job project Jane Harbord
Farmers' Markets Janet Kinsey
Fatal Affraction Marc Stewart
Fatbergs - L1 Functional English reading tasks Leon Palmer
Favourite biscuits - data handling tasks Ruth Read
Favourite Recipe writing frames Maggie Harnew
Favourite things bingo game Alison Murray
Favourite TV programmes Julie Gray
Favourite TV programmes & journey times John Thompson A
FDP Functional Skills Maths practice questions Sunny Agnihotri
FDP Happy Families card game Judith White
Features of different styles of texts Amanda Kelly
Features of Instructions and Explanations Fay Gooding
Features of persuasive texts Sarah Penneck
Feeding and weeding the lawn Judith White
Feelings and emotions Jadwiga Danek
Fidel Castro Lynn Bradshaw
FIFA World Cup 2010 team spellings Kathy Crockford
Fill-in verb posters Sonia Carroll
Film Industry - working with very large numbers Maggie Harnew
Film spellings Karen Bruin
Film trailers note taking & writing an email Emily Nichols
Film, book and TV review sheets Joy Collins
Films shown on TV Helen Lloyd
Find someone who Rhonda Borel-Chaffin
Find the /f/ sounds Marc Stewart
Finding a new home - Functional Skills reading tasks Fiona Campbell B
Finding the meanings of words Marc Stewart
Fingers multiplication method for x6, x7, x8, x9 John Thompson B
Fire Escape Janet Wilkins
Fire instructions? Angela Kennedy-Lockwood
Fireworks Judith White
Five texts about children's screen time, physical activity and sleep - for Functional English at all levels Maggie Harnew
Five things - word connections Kate Lindley
Flight to Venice! Help James Gold check in on time Laura Addamiano
Floods UK 2014 L1-2 Functional English Kath Blanchard
Floor plan area and perimeter tasks Pauline Bicker
Florence Nightingale introduction to pie charts Sarah Richards
Foam squares Functional Maths - ICT investigation John Thompson B
Folders and sub-folders ICT handout Nicola Gordon
Follow me cards - measuring Ruth Read
Follow me cards: add and subtract single digit numbers Paul Burnett
Follow me cards: multiply / divide whole nos. and decimals by 10, 100, 1000 Judith White
Follow-me cards: multiply & divide by 10, 100 and 1000. Maggie Harnew
Following instructions - BBC Skillswise Paula Pye
Food and Food Containers Maggie Harnew
Food collocations Sian Evans
Food collocations - sorting cards Andrew Langley
Food descriptions Maggie Harnew
Food groups word searches Ginette Kriche
Food idioms dialogue Kathryn Fleming
Foods that we like! Kathryn Fleming
Football fun! Heidi Griffin
Football statistics. Keith Ball
Form filling vocabulary - a definitions game Emma Hall
Formal and informal language Geoff Saunders
Formal and informal language resources Emily Nichols
Formal and informal language Tarsia jigsaws Jo Collins
Formal and informal letter writing Robert Holt
Formal and informal writing Marc Stewart
Formal letters - spelling and crossword Margaret Adams
Formal letters crossword (for Smart Notebook) Dave Norgate
Formula 1 Functional Maths Bruce Nightingale
Formula One 2013 Circuits exercise Sue Cawdron
Formulae rules poster Judith White
Four creative writing ideas Dave Norgate
Fraction Decimal Percentage Ratio - visual templates June Hawley
Fraction diagrams Marion Martin
Fraction dominoes John Thompson B
Fraction skills for working life Paul Hodson
Fraction Wall Angela Qarini
Fraction wall - equivalents Judith White
Fractions - naming and simplifying Jennifer Williamson
Fractions - real world examples Mike Hackman
Fractions of amounts Jean Thomas
Fractions of amounts jigsaw Michael McBride
Fractions of quantities and measures jigsaw Dave Clapham
Fractions of quantities top trump cards Emma Shaw
Fractions, decimals, percentages and money John Thompson B
Frank (Bullitt) Laurence Fletcher
Frank Field: shirking fathers - L2 Literacy practice Rachel Emmett
Freda's Tea Stall: writing about charts, a group activity Keith Burnett
Free meals make calmer classes Dave Norgate
Free time Functional Maths task Carrie Bray
Fruit and vegetables Maggie Harnew
Fruit bingo Ginette Kriche
Fuel prices Jean Thomas
Functional English reading sticks E1-L2 Maggie Harnew
Functional English Skillionaire! Mo Pamplin
Functional English SoW and resources for BTEC Sport Zoe MacGechan
Functional ICT music gig poster Carrie Bray
Functional Maths and Numeracy Study Guide Shaun Bailey
Functional Maths for catering Nicola Smith
Functional Maths for childcare Nicola Smith
Functional maths garden project Tina Smith
Functional Maths L2 Decimals - multiple choice worksheet Victoria Whitham
Functional Maths L2 Formulas - multiple choice worksheet Victoria Whitham
Functional Maths L2 Four operations Victoria Whitham
Functional Maths L2 Fractions - multiple choice worksheet Victoria Whitham
Functional Maths L2 Graphs, Charts & Tables - multiple choice worksheet Victoria Whitham
Functional Maths L2 Measures - multiple choice worksheet Victoria Whitham
Functional Maths L2 Percentages - multiple choice worksheet Victoria Whitham
Functional Maths L2 Perimeter, Area and Volume - multiple choice worksheet Victoria Whitham
Functional Maths L2 Ratio, scales and proportion - multiple choice worksheet Victoria Whitham
Functional Maths L2 Statistics - multiple choice worksheet Victoria Whitham
Functional Maths process skills powerpoint Chris Farrell
Functional Maths Revision Joaquin Llorente
Functional Maths skills checks E2/E3 and E3/L1 Nicola Smith
Functional Skills activity - phone contracts Neil Carver
Functional Skills Business Project Matt Barnes
Functional Skills Easter Quiz Nicola Smith
Functional Skills English and Maths Tracking Sheets Julie Pickering
Functional Skills Entry Level English - student progress sheets Charlotte Wilson
Functional Skills Entry Level SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) mark sheet Melissa Dura
Functional Skills Level 1-2 SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) mark sheet Melissa Dura
Functional Skills Maths Level One - Need To Know Revision Guide Helen Baldwin
Functional Skills mobile phone investigation Neil Carver
Functional Skills writing tasks for catering students Nicola Smith
Functional Writing prompts Carrie Bray
Future road pricing 'inevitable' Dave Norgate
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