Wimbledon resources

Wimbledon 2021 E2-E3 Functional English
Wimbledon 2021 E2-E3 Functional English

Wimbledon starts on Monday July 3rd 2023

Resources cover Maths from E2 to L2, and Entry Level 2-3 English. The E2-E3 English resource (a Skillsworkshop English Classic dating back to 2008!) was last year with the 2022 seeds and with new questions (all mapped to the Reformed FS English content). Editor's note: Sorry no time to update it this year.

The Level 1 Wimbledon Statistics (a Skillsworkshop Maths Classic from 2010) has also been updated and fully mapped to the Reformed Functional Skills Maths content.

Both the above have new answer sheets - available free to contributors only. Answer sheets include detailed curriculum mapping (the E2-E3 English answer sheet also includes extra extension activities). 

Follow this tag to find ALL our Wimbledon resources (including the two mentioned above).