Halloween complex sentences

A series of tasks designed to help learners improve their sentences and hence their writing style. These tasks assume no previous knowledge of complex sentences or subordinating conjunctions. They do assume the learner is familiar with simple sentences (i.e. one clause, one verb) and compound sentences. (See my related Entry Level ‘Halloween Compound Sentences’ resource for more on compound sentences and coordinating conjunctions).

Aimed at L1-2 students but parts could be useful at Entry 3. All tasks have a Halloween theme.

The resources begins with ‘Find out more’: an introductory information sheet which is followed by a short comprehension on the content. There are then four “Practise your skills” sentence level tasks that include: joining main and dependent clauses with a suitable conjunction; extending main clauses with a suitable ‘ending’, and substituting one conjunction for another. Tasks cover both common (e.g. until, although, when, where, as, if, because) and less common (e.g. whereas, unless, since, after, while) subordinating conjunctions.

The final task is “Apply your skills” and is a fully fledged L1-L2 writing assessment.

This 12 page resource is complete and full usable. Pages 13-16 are only available to site contributors and include: answers to ‘Check your understanding’, cards that can be laminated for use in Task 1, a detailed answer grid for Tasks 1a-b, answers or suggestions for Tasks 2, 3 & 4; marking guidance for assessing Task 5 at Levels 1 and 2.

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