How to add and take away

A set of beautifully clear handouts (or classroom posters) for E1-2. Covers single and 2-digit numbers in a step by step fashion.

Editor’s note (Jan 2014)
Error fixed (see comments below), page nos. added and thumbnail picture added to description above.

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Helen Brewer (not verified)

Wed, 2014-01-15 15:13

This was very useful for my adult learners.

Also, they spotted that on page 7, the sum starts off as 79 – 92 and becomes 79 – 62 for the rest of the exercise!

Dear Helen
Many thanks for your comment.
Can’t believe this has been on the site for 6 years and no one has spotted the error before!
Now fixed. I’ve also added page numbers and Functional Maths mapping.