Halloween compound sentences

10/10/17 Several minor and one major correction made

These tasks assume no previous knowledge of compound sentences and/or conjunctions. They do assume the learner is familiar with simple sentences (i.e. one clause, one verb).
Aimed at E2-E3 students but could be useful at Level 1.

Tasks include joining pairs of Halloween sentences with a suitable conjunction; extending simple sentence with a suitable ‘ending’, and rewriting texts that are initially written using only simple sentence (in order to improve their organisation and readability).

Tasks start with the three most common conjunctions (and, or, but) and then move on to include yet and so. (I decided not to include ‘nor’ or ‘for’!).
Common conjunctions nclude I hav

These tasks would work well as an introduction to compound sentences before students complete the more formal assessment style writing tasks in my “Halloween – Entry Level Functional English assessments” (see below for link). However, I don’t recommend using everything on the same day. Learners will need time to absorb and practise new topics.

I am planning future related resources (Part 2: using adjectives; Part 3: using complex sentences) but you may have to wait a while!

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